C19 Playing Conditions
C19 Playing Conditions

COVID 19 - playing guidelines for the 2020 season.

New Update: Aug 14, 2020 (new guideline added for wicket-keepers) & (players in the pavilion)

Last Updated: Aug 4, 2020


General Guidelines for cricket

  1. All participants are encouraged to come dressed to play.

  2. All participants must follow proper hygiene while on-site - hand washing, hand sanitizing, physical distancing, etc.

  3. All participants should bring their own equipment and water bottles where possible. Sharing should not occur. 

  4. All players to follow current Ontario Provincial Guidelines with respect to gathering restrictions.

  5. Washrooms/portolets and dressing rooms only available in some locations. 

  6. Every spectator or person who engages in sports or recreational fitness activity at the facility, other than a team sport, must maintain a physical distance of at least two meters from every other person at all times during the activity.

During all cricket activity

  1. Participants should enter the site and prepare their personal equipment whilst maintaining social distancing.

  2. Where possible players should limit the sharing of equipment.

  3. No saliva is to be applied to the ball at any time. Sweat can be used.

  4. All participants should sanitize their hands prior to the start of the activity.

  5. Hand sanitizer should be used at all breaks in activity and prior to consuming any food or drinks.

  6. Players should refrain from spitting or rinsing out their mouths.

  7. Clubs should not prepare food for participants. Individuals should bring their own food, water and drink. 

  8. A ‘hygiene break’ should take place every six overs or every 20 minutes, whichever is sooner, in which the ball is cleaned with an anti-bacterial wipe. Teams must bring their own cleaning equipment.

  9. UMPIRES: Bowlers should not hand any personal items to the umpire. 

  10. Batters are to run in distinct running lines to ensure they are not within 2m of the bowler or other batter. 

  11. Communal scorebooks passed from one player to another should be avoided.

  12. Social distancing must always be maintained including during post-wicket celebrations, drinks breaks, and tactical discussions.

  13. Minimize sharing of the ball in a match by limiting contact as the ball makes its way back to the bowler e.g. ball goes straight from wicketkeeper to bowler instead of surrounding fielders.

  14. UMPIRES: should make sure the keeper is 6 feet (2m) away from the batsman. 

  15. UMPIRES: should refrain from any contact with the ball, it can be returned to the base of the stumps at breaks and wickets.

  16. UMPIRES: should be responsible for the stumps closest to them and should be the only person replacing the bails if dislodged. 

    New - Aug 14th: UMPIRES: wicketkeeper is able to stand by the stumps provided he wears a mask, shield, or maintains an appropriate distance of 6 feet from the batsman.

    New - Aug 14th: CAPTAINS: all member players must maintain physical distance while in the pavilion. Players are asked to bring their own chairs instead of congregating on the City provided benches.

After all cricket activity

  1. All participants should sanitize their hands after the completion of the activity.

  2. Participants should exit whilst maintaining social distancing.

  3. The social gathering after the game is NOT allowed. Players must leave the field and the parking lot after completion of the game.

  4. One club representative/volunteer should be responsible for collecting and disinfecting any shared equipment.

Additional advice for socially distanced match-play

  • Be safe. Use common sense.

  • Know that we are not out of the woods yet and your cooperation is important for everyone’s safety.