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Umpire Rating System

05/15/2023POSTED BY Faraz Saleem

Umpire Rating System

📣 Important Update! 🏏

🔔 Umpire Rating System Launch! 🔔

🤝 Fair play matters! We value the crucial role umpires play in ensuring a level playing field. To maintain top-notch officiating, we've introduced a new system where captains rate umpires after each game. Your feedback is essential in improving quality.

🚀 Starting now, rate umpires on our website after every game this season. Even past matches count! ⏰

📺 Watch the quick VIDEO ➡️ to learn how to rate umpires.

💪 Let's enhance the cricketing experience, contribute to league growth, and promote fair play! 🌟

🍀 Best of luck for the upcoming matches! 🤞

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