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Covid 19 Alert

08/14/2020POSTED BY Faraz Saleem

Covid 19 Alert

We have informed that a player by the name of Gurkirat Singh of Brampton Royals a team in the BEDCL has tested positive for COVID 19. Though this player has no interaction with any of the players of the Brampton Cricket League, in an abundance of caution we are posting this alert for all BCL members. If you play in any other league, as well as for all BCL games, we ask you to maintain physical distance and practice COVID 19 precautions. 
We have a limited number of fixtures this year and some of our players play in other leagues, we are reminding you to restrict your play to the core group of 4 teams as set by the BCL mgmt and refrain from playing outside that "bubble".  It is your responsibility to protect each other and your families. There will always be more opportunities for cricket in the years to come, so take caution.

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